In this section we explain some basic usage techniques for the new website. We hope that the below information will help you have a user friendly experience with Sangat Matrimonial.


  • Registration – To benefit from the service, users must register. This can be be done by clicking here. You will also need to make an online payment on £101 for 12 months through Paypal to become a fully registered member who has full access to the data on this website.  This payment can be made using a card or your paypal account and the payment goes to the Sangat Trust account via the Paypal website.  Once done, you will receive a welcome email, please read this carefully and follow the instructions to activate your LIVE account.  
  • Details – Please be sure to completely fill in all of your information, preferences and personal statements. The clarity and detail of this information is vital so that so that searches are accurate and others can get a clear picture about you, your background and the type of partner that you are looking for.
  • Profile Picture – Make sure that you upload a high quality image of yourself. The best way of getting this done is to take a studio style portrait, either using family or friends or go to a professional. Make sure that the photograph that you upload is taken outside in good light, well composed with you as the central theme of the image. If the image is not clear, our team will give you call to let you know!
  • My Pictures - this is where you can upload more pictures of yourself for other users to see.  You can change your profile picture via the 'edit account' tab.  
  • Login – Once registration is complete you will receive an email from Sangat Matrimonial with your username and password. Please be sure to keep this private and in a safe place. You should change your password once you have this information and keep your login data in a private and safe place.
  • Search – Begin searching for a suitable partner.
  • Send Contact Request – Once you find a suitable partner you wish to contact, you should send a ‘Contact Request’. Once you click this button, Sangat Matrimonial will send the other party an email letting them know that you have requested their contact details, this will also contain a link to your personal profile. Once they have reviewed this information, they can decide whether to give you their email id, telephone number or even send an introductory message.
  • Searching – once you are in contact with other people, we suggest that you look at the safety tips page that we have developed for guidance and good practise.

The Sangat Matrimonial Team wishes you every success in your search for your perfect life partner.